How Do Apps Make Money in 2021?

Back in the days you would find a good amount of game apps that were for purchase only. most where $.99 cents others where $3.99. This all started to change as the game app world started to grow and get more competitive. When this happened developers started to realize that why would a potential customer pay for an app game when they can get a similar app for free. So how do apps make money in 2021?

Any app that is in the top 50 in the app market is generating some really good money from it, as I mentioned in another post, back in 2015 the game flappy bird was estimated to make approximately $50,000. per day. So how do apps make money is what you really want to know. it’s simple there are three ways apps make money let’s break these down.

Paid Apps

To down load these types of apps you must first pay for it. As I mentioned earlier most of these app range from $.99 to $3.99. If you decided to pay for n app them most likely you will not have any advertisements and you can enjoy it interruption free. When you pay to download the app that’s how the app makes money.

Free Apps

These apps are free to download and play but you will see multiple advertisement throughout the apps such as banners at the bottom or full screen advertisements upon a game over or moving to another section within the app. These advertisement pay per click and by impressions. Usually these ads are targeted to show you things that you have recently searched on google and other places. The app maybe free but the more you use the app the more advertisements you will see and the more money the app makes.

In-App Purchases

This is where you may be playing a game but suddenly you see that you want your character to have more power to get further or advance. To do this the app presents you with an option to buy items that will help you. this could be extra lives or weapons to combat the enemies and so on. Once you buy an item the money goes to the app developers account. Thats how apps also make money.

With the last to ways of how the apps make money it is based on how much the user uses the app, this increases the amount of money the app can make, For the developer to see significant money from this they may need to have thousands of users using the app because 10 users 100 user won’t make the app much money.

They to being a successful creator is to make an app the is addicting fun or solves a problem the everyday people can use. Can you come up with a good idea to make an app that makes good money?

How Do Apps Make Money in 2021 FAQ

How does free apps make money?

Basically free applications make money from one of the following here are eight most well-known ways to make money: Advertising (via banner, video, native ad, interstitial ad, incentivized ad) Referral Marketing (Amazon) In-App Purchase & Freemium Model.

How much money do apps make per download?

Most app are free to download, if you compare android apps vs iPhone apps, clearly the ones with more downloads with be android however advertisers pay less when advertising on android due to the reason that there are more devices and less competition. On average every app downloaded brings about $0.02 cents per download.

How do app owners make money?

While the app that the developers owner made is free, the owner makes money based on the user interaction with the app. the more they use the app the more advertisements the user see in result making the owner money.

How much money can you make owning an app?

That can vary highly, you can make millions to zero dollars. this all depends on the success of the app. how much and how often is the app used. it is said that the simple flappy bird game of 2014 was making approximately $59,000. per day.

Does owning an app make money?

Not necessarily, anyone can have an app, it depends if your app is successful or not. By this I mean if your app has high download and is used frequently. This is all assuming that your app is monetized. A majority of these who own apps don’t make much money if any at all.

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