5 Minute Morning Meditation Music App

Relaxing Ocean Waves Sounds.

If you are looking for 5 minute morning meditation music let me introduce you to SOUND VIBES. This app has the perfect music and nature sounds to make your 5 minute morning meditation a success. Now that I have your attention, let me explain how we came up with this app idea and why we think it will help you meditate on a day to day basis.

We think that the best meditation music are those that help you become one with nature. For this reason I went out and recorded those sounds that we truly think will set your mind up to meditate and relax. Some of the meditation music are made to make you transition to that location. The sound of ocean waves colliding with each other while making its way up the sand. The sound of heavy rain falling under a dark sky while light thunder sounds are heard a distance away.

Rain and Light Thunder.

In SOUND VIBES you will find multiple type of meditational music. From nature sounds to yoga meditational music. We continue to add more meditation music to give you more option so that you can pick the right sound vibe for you.

If you are looking for relaxing music and sounds to help you fall asleep then we also got you covered. We added a sleep timer that you can set and forget. Same goes for the 5 minute morning meditation music. Set the timer to 5 minutes and you will know when you are done. All the meditation sounds and music in our app are looped at certain time to provide endless concentration music and sounds.

Here are some samples that you can use for your 5 minute meditation music.

Rain Forest with Birds in the Background

Tips for 5 Minute Morning Meditation Music App

When using our app we recommend that you have noise cancellation headset or find a quiet area where you can focus and only listen to our sounds, Set the timer as needed.

SOUND VIBES is available only for iPhone and iPads free on the play store. We will also have it available soon for Android devices.

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