Why I Started To Make Game Apps

I started to make app games in 2014, what inspired me was that at the time the game Flappy Bird was said to be making $50k per day. Just think about it $50, that is an insane amount of money would you agree?

At the time of seeing that, my mind went into overdrive, I google how to make apps or how to make game apps or how to code.

My problem was that learning how to write code for an app seemed to be way out of my reach, I found it too complicated.

I then ran into a term called redskin apps. What this means is that you buy a simple app that is popular at the time and then change all the artwork and name to make it your own app game. It would have the same game play and mechanics as the original but it would look different based on how you changed the images.

Changing the images was a little hard but not as complicated as writing code. all I did was that I opened the folder that contained the .png images and replaced them with my own.

I change the music added my own name and uploaded my app to the google play store. once it was live i did some social media post and it started to gain traction. I kept getting comments to make it available for iPhone so I looked up how to upload to the play store and so on, two week later my app went live on the iTunes play store.

the moment my app was available for the play store it shot straight up in popularity. at a high point I was generating about $800 per day. sure this was not remotely close to what flappy bird was making but still it was a heavy amount of cash for me.

The hype lasted for 2-3 week s and then it started to dive down and so did my income. It was a great experience.

If you want to learn or hear post please be sure to reach out to me via instagram.


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