Publishing Android Apps vs iOS apps

When it comes to picking between what to build a game for, iPhones or Android? This is something to seriously think about.

Google makes it really easy to publish an game or any app, the approval system is pretty much automated and within hours of sending your app to the google play store you can expect your app to go live.

However because it is much easier to get your app on the google play store you may notice that here are much more apps in the google play store than in iTunes. In addition because there are much more apps it will be harder for your to rank and the advertisers will pay less if that is your route to place ads on your app.

When you publish to the iTunes app market you will find a totally different set of rule, it is much harder to send your app for review as they have much more requirements. Once your able to successfully submit you arp it will fall into a “waiting for review” phase that may take from 24 hours to 3 weeks from what I have experience. once it goes into review this is another problematic area because and employee will check out your app and look for glitches or if they find it spammy and not worth to be published.

One perfect example is that I had a pp on the iTunes app store for about 5 years, I had done about 6-8 updates thought the years and one day I went to do an update to find an email saying that my update was rejected due to being spammy. That it looked like other apps already in the market. I tried for days to change things here in there but it kept getting rejected till I just gave up.

I then deleted the app and uploaded it with a new name and guess what!!! the app was approved the first time around.

From What I have read, it just depends on who that person is that picks your app to review. I have heard so many stories just like mine.

The good thing is that the advertisers pay more when it comes to placing ads in you app compared to google.

Also understand that to become a developers of google play and be able to upload ups its just $25 one time fee and you can upload unlimited apps for as long as you have your account.

On the other hand to become a publisher with iTunes its a yearly fee of $99.00

Hope this quick post helps to answer your question as far as to what is best to develop for.

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