Super CuBito 3D
Skater RUSH!
Rocket Pack Mayimbe!
Platano Skater, cuidado con la cajas!
Chancleta Run RD!
Platano Con Salami The Game!
Mania ABC!
Mayimbe Run!
Platano vs Spikes!



shadow Platano Con Salami Game

Platano Con Salami The Game

This is a game Pack, 3 simple but challenging games in 1.

Game 1= SALAMI LAND - Dodge obstacles and collect as many coins as you can.
2= ATAQUEO TOTAL- Shoot your way thru and while collecting coins you must also manage to stay in the air.
3= MOTOCONCHO VELOX- The hero is on a motorcycle chasing a truck that keeps dropping logs, avoid the logs while collecting coins. How far can you get in this fun addicting game?

Just Tag It
Just TAG-it

Just TAG it, it's simple but is it?
The object is simple, tap outside of the green circle. each tap shoots a bullet towards the center of the game. You must destroy the white blocks to clear a straight path to the center blue target. Reach the blue target and move to the next level, however if you hit the red blocks it's game over. This game has over 200 challenging levels.

Tree Trunk Toss
Tree Trunk Toss

Tree Trunk Toss, How Much Can You Toss?
The object is simple, tap on the screen to toss the knife to the tree trunk, avoid hitting the colored branches or another knife. Addicting and Challenging.

shadow Super Cubito 3D

Super CubiTo 3D

Super Cubito is a super challenging 3D game. The hero is gliding along a broken bridge. You get two power jumps every time you leave the bridge. Avoid all the red obstacles while collecting dimonds. This game is endless, how many diamonds can you collenct in this super fun 3D game.